Level 1: – Basic Techniques of Muay Thai

The level 1 course is an introduction to the basics of Muay Thai, taught by experienced trainers and practitioners. The course is designed for those with little or no experience in Muay Thai, and for those who seek to build a basic amount of fitness. The introductory course involves the following:

  • The fundamentals stance and hand/feet position of Muay Thai
  • Basic striking techniques
  • Basic Conditioning, strength and stretching exercises

Level 2: – Intermediate Muay Thai

An intermediate course designed for those who have had some previous experience in the fundamentals of Muay Thai. Practitioners will be led by the trainers in sessions of greater intensity than the Level 1 course. The Level 2 course involves the following:

  • Continued development of techniques
  • Development of more advanced combination and moves
  • Learn more about Muay Thai techniques in both attack and defense
  • A high level of intensity in both strength and conditioning work

Level 3: – Advanced Muay Thai

The advanced course is for experienced students who have mastered the fundamentals of Muay Thai and are continuing to learn more advanced techniques. Level 3 also applies to those who wish to train to real fighting scenarios. Level 3 involves:

  • Learning all Muay Thai techniques
  • Instruction in advanced combinations for real fight situations
  • Application of all fight techniques learned to a real combat fighting scenario (sparring and clinching)
  • Advanced conditioning and strength training in preparation for fighting or sparring

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a new type of yoga that uses a hammock or rope to help students achieve traditional yoga poses. Students will use both the rope and the floor to immediately feel the improvement in their flexibility, strength and alignment. The Aerial Yoga technique achieves more than a simple stretch. Our physical posture changes over time to increase our flexibility, develop strength, and forge deep, full breathing. Deep breathing reinforces a calm and serene attitude, which in turn increases our mental flexibility as well – the purpose of practicing Yoga.

  • Improve your physical posture
  • Gain flexibility, strength and alignment
  • Relax and calm the nervous system
  • Lengthen your muscles for increase Muay Thai Power and flexibilty

Circuit Training

The goal of Circuit training is to build both cardiovascular and muscular fitness aided by the use of Muay Thai techniques. This course is for those whose focus is more on conditioning and fitness, while also receiving an introduction to Muay Thai.

  • Focus will be on cardiovascular workout using Muay Thai techniques
  • High impact / continuous workouts designed to build muscular endurance and increase fitness
  • An enjoyable group training session with a custom selection of music
  • Heavier use of training equipment including dumbbells, kettle bells, battle ropes and more

Personal Training

A tailor made custom training program designed for the specific needs and goals ofthe student.

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